PMW is the fastest centre for the repair of ServoDisc motors and indeed all brushed pancake motors. With decades of experience PMW can repair printed armature motors from any manufacturer. We offer a full service with every pancake motor and our fast turnaround can fit to any emergency or as part of your preventative maintenance schedule.

Kollmorgen have now stopped producing the following historical motor series which were prevalent in the United States as produced by PMI, Danaher Motion and Kollmorgen:ServoDiscPlatinum SeriesU SeriesS SeriesFerrite SeriesN SeriesJR SeriesWe can repair and replace all of them with equivalent drop-in motors of the highest quality.

Call PMW customer services on: +44 1420 594 140 or email us at:

We can repair or replace most printed armature motors and our motors are often a straight drop-in replacement for other manufacturers’ versions. Below is a conversion table with examples from PMI Kollmorgen and Infranor Mavilor. We also provide replacements for Yaskawa print motors and KN series motors from PMI Germany.

Pancake ServoDisc Motor Conversion Table

PMW Equivalent Series Other Series NameExample Model Numbers
GP SeriesPMI Kollmorgen Ferrite Series and UF Series ServoDisc motors9F, 9FS, 9FST, 9FHB-44, 12FLR, 12FLRB, 12FLRS, 12F, 12FB, 12FS,
12FV, 12FVB, 12FVS, 9FP, 12FP, 12FVP, 12FVS, 12FLRP, 12FLRS, 16FP,
U06FNC, U09FS, U09FN, U12FS, U12FN, U16FS, U16FN
Yaskawa print motor, minertia motor and P seriesPMEE-12CBB, P12D-CG11
GM SeriesPMI Kollmorgen U-series, S-series and Platinum series ServoDisc motorsU6M4, U9M4LR(9), U9M4, U9M4LR, U9M4T, U9M4A, U9M4H, U9M4HA, U9M4HA-2, U9M4HT,
U9D-, U9D-LR-, U9DT-, U9DLRT-, S9M4H, S9M4HI, U12D-, U12D-LR-, U12DT-, U12DLRT-,
U12M4LR(10), U12M4, U12M4A, U12M4H, U12M4HA, U16M4, U6M4T, U9M4T, U9M4HT, U12M4T,
U12M4HT, U16M4T, U16M4HT
SSD Parvex Axem motor, F series and MC series disk-rotor servomotors F9M4R, F9M2, F9M4, F9M4H, F12M4R, F12M2, F12M4, F12M4H, MC13S, MC17H,
MC17B, MC19P, MC19P, MC19S, MC19S, MC19B, MC23S, MC23S, MC24P, MC24P,
MC27P, MC27P
Infranor Mavilor XtraforsMSS and XtraforsEX seriesMS-2, MS-4, MS-6, MS-8, MS-12, MS-22, MSS-2, MSS-4, MSS-6, MSS-8,
MSS-12, MSS-22, MSS-35, MSS-45
GN SeriesPMI Kollmorgen N-series and KN-series ServoDisc motorsN9M4, N9M4T, N9M4LR, N9M4LRT, N12M4, N12M4T, N12M4LR, N12M4LRT, KN06M4, KN09M4,
KN09M4T, KN09M4LR, KN12M4, KN12M4T, KN12M4LR, KN16M4, KN16M4T, KN16M4LR
GR SeriesPMI Kollmorgen JR-series ruggedized ServoDisc motorsJ12M4C, JR12M4CH, JR16M4C, JR16M4CH/W6T19, JR16M4CH-1, JR16M4CHLR-1, JR24M4CH, JR16M4CHLR-2, JR25M6CH, JR33M6CH,
JR24M4CH, JR25M6CH, JR33
GPG SeriesPMI Kollmorgen FG-series ServoDisc gear motors9FG, 9FGT, 9FGHD, 9FGCHD, 9FGHDT, 9FGCHDT, 12FG, 12FGT
Yaskawa geared print motor PMEE-12CBG
Printed Motor Works’ repair process is approved by BSI to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Every flat servodisc motor received by PMW for repair, re-build or upgrade goes through the same approved procedure:

Approved repair procedure

  1. Customer returns motor with returned material analysis (RMA) number
  2. Inspection of condition
  3. Inspection report, if requested
  4. Customer approval with amended order
  5. 100% clean of every part
  6. Replacement as standard of:
    a. Printed armature
    b. Bearings
    c. Brushes
    d. Shims and pre-load springs
  7. Replace as necessary any other non-serviceable items
  8. Rebuild and run for full 24 hour soak test
  9. Full functional test and calibration to manufacturer’s specification
  10. All PMW repairs are covered by a 6 months warranty and can be dispatched by next day courier
  11. Every printed motor is supplied with a full test certificate detailing the motors electrical specifications

Turnaround times

  • Standard turnaround – 7 days
    Express turnaround – 3-5 days
    Emergency service – On request

General benefits

  • Avoid costly machine down time with preventative maintenance
  • Save money – repair costs less than new
  • Re-built to manufacturer’s specifications
  • 6 month warranty
  • Full engineering support
  • Recycle – do your bit for the planet
  • Upgrades and additions of new ancillaries
Pancake servo motor repair cross-sectional view

Detail picture of pancake servodisc motor showing location of brushes, bearings and armature.




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