Printed Motor Works Limited, formally Printed Motors Limited, have an unparalleled standing as the global leader in the design and manufacture of pancake printed armature, permanent magnet brushed DC servo motors.  Since 1963, Printed Motor Works have supplied literally hundreds of thousands of these motors to a global customer base spanning a wide range of demanding applications across many industrial sectors including medical, defence, aerospace, robotics, automation, propulsion, instrumentation, test and measurement to name but a few.  Printed armature motor products remain a core mainstay of our product range where the Printed Motor Works company name perfectly reflected the printed motor product portfolio. Check out:

Why Update?

Based from our global HQ in Alton, Hampshire, England PMW also designs, developments and manufactures speciality brushless motors.  In line with our USPs, normally, but not exclusively, our brushless designs are in a flat/pancake format and supplied both housed and frameless (i.e. motor active components – rotor and stator).  Since these ranges of brushless motors are invariable not constructed via copper laminations techniques but are more commonly wound designs, the company name “Printed Motors” less well reflects the entire product range and competence of PMW.

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The transition from Printed Motor Works to PMW Dynamics acknowledges the rich heritage of the business by retaining the initial letters of the Printed Motor Works name as well as the existing colour palette.  “Dynamics” not only describes our solutions but our organisation since our motors can typically accelerate from a standing start to full speed in less than a ¼ of a revolution whilst our sales and application specialists are equally quick to advise customers on the most appropriate technology from within our portfolio to support their demanding applications.

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